Wednesday, February 26, 2014

52 Photos Project: Where People Gather

The 52 Photos Project prompt this month is Where People Gather.  The drop-dead truth is I generally avoid places people gather as the whole gather procedure is uncomfortable for me 

First of all, I cannot parallel park to save my own life, so unless there is adequate parking I just don't go.  Once I get there, there is the whole bumping into people & being bumped into thing.  I don't mean the casual visiting with people I know but was not expecting to see.  I mean actual bumping.  I am shorter than average & I have rarely made it through a farmer's market without at least one person looking clear over my head & walking into me as though I was not there.  I understand why this happens- your eyes latch onto where you want to go next & then you cut through the crowd; my head being below your eye level means I get shoved.  Let me be clear: I am not a 'little person", I'm just shorter than average.

So even if there is parking, even if milling around is limited or includes obstacles shorter than me (café seating or occasional tables), then there is the fact I don't actually like people all that much.  Please don't misunderstand me:  I have friends, I am not wholly anti-social.  But something has to be "worth it" for me to venture out. 

Mostly I arrange for social events to come to me, bookclub being a good example.  Or I prefer smaller one on one type situations.  Because two people is plenty gathered for me.  & when it gets warm again, this spot next to the coral vine will be my favorite spot.

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  1. I am a tall person and don't like crowds either. When attending large technical conferences was part of my job, I always set aside an evening and planned a small gathering of no more than 6-8 people for dinner in some nice restaurant to escape the throngs. Even at large quilt shows, I will seek out quiet spots to take a break and recharge. Your spot next to the coral vine looks like a perfect place for recharging.