Thursday, February 13, 2014

National Pet Adoption Weekend

Starting tomorrow, which I see is just a few minutes away, is the 2014 National Pet Adoption Weekend at PetsMart.  People who know me (or have read this blog for a while) know I am not a big large corporation promoter type.  Most previous posts about big companies have been about why I don't shop at one or another (lucky me, that 2010 Target donation to a Tea Party-esque candidate kept me from using my credit card on their substandard system during my 2013 holiday shopping; it turns out bad decisions are a lot like potatoes chips of legend, there is rarely just the one).  & did I ever mention that kid at Sports Authority who when I asked if they had any not-Nike running gear asked my why & I said Michael Vick & he said & I quote "You people need to get over that".  So while I doubt very much this is the Sports Authority corporate policy, I still have not been back. 
Maybe someday I will get my panties all a twist...  I digress, but for now, I am encouraging everyone who is thinking they might like a furry roommate to take a stroll through their local PetsMart this weekend.
This sleepy girl came from a rescue that does adoptions most weekends at our local PetsMart.  She is an adult female, already spayed & housebroken, almost certainly purebred cocker spaniel.  The rescue pulled her from an overcrowded animal shelter a couple counties over where, if she had not found a home, she would have been euthanized.  Her adoption fee was a whopping $150, mostly because everyone- me, the rescue, the vet that worked with the rescue, everyone -was upfront & clear that she had some dental problems that would need to be addressed.  Soon.  
You can get a puppy from a high end breeder, pay a lot more money, do all that training yourself & have a wonderful companion for your life.  You can also go to PetSmart this weekend. 
& don't worry about having your heart stolen away & ending up with a pet you are not really ready for.  Most rescues make sure there are a few hoops to jump through with good reason.  If the breeder ho sold her had told the obviously pregnant coupe that a barky little mini-dachshund might be a bad fit for their upcoming life, at least one less barky little dachshund would have gone back to same breeder (no refunds, by the by).  We actually suspect something similar happened to make our own barky little dachshund available; she is very nervous whenever she hears a baby cry on TV but could not care less about other louder, more unpleasant TV noises.
So this weekend, at many PetsMarts across the country.  Think about it.

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