Thursday, March 6, 2014

52 Photos Project: How I Start My Day

How I start my day has gone through a few changes in the past day or so (& will change back in another cycle, I hope).   It is Spring Break here, which makes no difference really except that A can travel without classes being disrupted.  Last night was the first night he was gone & I tried to have a normal evening, but the dogs kept getting up & barking every time a car drove by & around 3am I moved back out to the couch (A usually gets up around 4:30/5 so they would have been going nuts for breakfast soon enough). 
When I woke back up this morning, this was what greeted me.  Also my neck hurt, mostly because in addition to moving out to the couch, I put on headphones to listen to a book which I had found very funny before but it deals with what happens after a much loved wife dies unexpectedly in a plane crash.  & there you have the other reason I wasn't sleeping so well.  What was witty & heartfelt before my husband got on a plane has lost some of its humor.  The book is How To Talk To A Widower so it is not like I had any excuse for not knowing what it was about. 

In the old days, I did not exactly look forward to his leaving, I did enjoy thing that would make him crazy.  Cereal for dinner, late night quilting, hat kind of thing.  Now I want him to come home & not just so I can get some sleep. 
This photo is a bit deceptive.  It was taken with no flash & a long-ish exposure.  Lilly didn't move, I didn't move; it looks like a bright sunny day but it was really quite dark.  The sun was up & we were in a room with windows across three walls but the rain was pounding down.  She was not any more anxious to get out there than I was, but it had to be done.  This how we both started our day: completely frozen hoping no one else noticed we were awake & then racing to make it out into the yard to pee before the other dogs jumped on us.  Her, not me; peeing in the yard is not one of the things I enjoy when my husband goes out of town.  

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