Friday, March 14, 2014

Knot garden from last summer for this spring

I am up to my eyeballs in pending projects, some of them quilting projects, some of them farm projects, some of them tied to the end of the semester & naturally I am attracted to those projects with no discernible deadline.    Or those I can do nothing about.

Earlier this month I was obsessing on the next stage of the Cotton Robin, which is absurd as I will not even know what I am working on until the next part arrives & the deadline for that is a week away.  I needed to stop looking at what I had done before & what I had made for my own centerpiece (I was inspired to make two exact centers & I am working along on my own & am looking forward to seeing what happens when two quilts jump off at the same point & one travels & the other stays home). 

What I am not doing is double checking the Facebook Quilt Block Swap block directions for AUG, OCT & DEC (yes, blocks are planned that far out).  I have also not finished my own block swap commitments due at the end of this month.

Instead, I pulled out blocks from a swap-gone-by & have been working steadily on a quilt for no one in particular, no deadline in sight & no reason I could not table it until I was way less busy.  But it is SPRING!  Almost.  & I want to do something with flowers & gardens & it is still too sketchy outside (80s F last week, below freezing last night) to do much other than knock down old dead vines & think about where to put those rose bushed currently residing (by nigh) in my bathroom.

So to the Knot Garden I went.  The block pattern was put forward by S***, another block swapper who made the mistake of competently answering questions on the board so I made her co-admin (HA!).  I made a ton of these for the swap , but was not even in the top five swappers; it was wildly popular & I can see why.  Among many other good qualities, it is easy to chain piece & uses scraps wonderfully. 

I decided on a 7 by 7 block layout which meant I needed to make quite a few more blocks & have been making one or two or three whenever I have suitable fabric out.  I wish I had made them way-back-when because it would be a lot easier to make several of the same & swap them around than to make one or two like I am now.  I also plan to put a border on it (right now I am leaning towards pieced corners, & maybe a center side medallion, but nothing too snazzy).

My hope it to have my spring quilt finished (or the top, anyhow) in time for Spring.  Because Spring springs early in central Fladidah, kinda.  It coils up a few times & fools you & then BOING!  it's summer. 

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  1. I love the look of these knot blocks together ... maybe because I am hoping to start my own for-no-reason quilt with a scrappy green background soon.

    I also love that you're making a separated-at-birth twin quilt as part of the Cotton Robin–I had so much fun when I did that a couple years ago and planned to do it again this year, but that second center isn't made ... yet.