Friday, March 21, 2014

52 Photos Project: A present someone gave you, meaning me

In one of those "small world" things, 52 Photos Project this week is A Present Someone Gave Me & this month is our house birthday.  As in all the humans in the house have a birthday in March.  So we have been talking presents, new & old.  for the most part, we are ungiftable; we have what we want.  A few years ago A was anxious to upgrade my camera; he had given me one a year or three before & wanted to get he latest version.  It was lighter, more bells & whistles, etc.  But I liked this one & wouldn't give it up.   OKay, the real story is I started to cry when he tried to take it & I made the poor man eel terrible about trying to do something nice.  Also, there is no pleasing me. 
So this is the present someone gave me, that I am still using.  Weekly if not daily.  & I still don't want to upgrade.

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