Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The color & the shape, revisited for April 2014

I have been having some troubles getting older photos on to Facebook & in the end I took a new set of photos & I am putting up some different looking blocks for our April 2014 Quilt Block Swap block.  There has not been much interest in this block; yes, I realize it is hard to get interested in a block with no pictures in the group but I am also not expecting much because...

This is our first ever applique-mandatory block.  In the past, once a year or so, we have made blocks that could be appliqued but they could also be pieced.  Almost no one ever does applique instead of piecing despite more applique being one of the more frequent wishes from group members.   Yes, I realize the subjects up for applique (boats, "joy"funky town, flower baskets, etc.) are certainly a factor.  Some of these swaps were big, some were small, but either way the applique blocks were in the minimum.  That it is a raw edged applique may also make it less attractive; it has certainly been the reason the people who like applique have given for not participating.

But I think mostly people are having trouble visualizing the blocks (yes, yes, pictures would help), but more what would anyone do with the blocks once they made them.  I think the answer is simple, but that's me.  Also I have had a lot more time to think about it, since blocks get planned not less than three months & sometimes more like a couple years before the group ever sees them.  I plan to make a fabric book with my six blocks (I make six keep one, swap five just like everybody else).

I have also suggested a baby quilt to other people who ask.  Think about it:  those fluffy edges will be nice & touchable but there is no way little hands could rip the whole thing apart & swallow any small bits (not that there are any small bits, there really isn't).

The directions are simple (& can be found in the link: ).  Begin with a 10.5" square of a solid (not read as solid, not mostly solid, an actual single color, no shading SOLID fabric).  Unlike most of our blocks, this fabric can be any 100% cotton fabric (of quilting weight-no denim please).  In the photos above the blue square is an old sheet; in other examples it has been flannel.   Stitch a shape (I used mostly squares, you don't have to but if you start with a triangle, you will fins things get tight quickly) using another cotton fabric.  Stitch down a third shape.  They can be on stacked or overlap or just side by side. 

& that is the bare minimum.  In one of the blocks above, I added yet another square, just for fun.  I also used the decorative stitches that came with my sewing machine.  You do not have to do either of these things.

The block are due in-house the last Saturday of April (more information about how many & where to send can be found in the Facebook Quilt Block Swap Group).

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