Wednesday, March 26, 2014

52 Photos Project: An Old Film Photo

Not that this has much to do with anything, but today is my almost fiftieth birthday (I am not a big birthday person, I usually have to do the math to remember what year; I have been rounding up for a couple years).   My companion in this photo will be almost fifty minus one year in one month minus one day.  Which makes this slide at least 40 years old. 

I am not sure where it was taken, exactly, either.  My best guess is somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean (I am actually sure of that) between Long Island & Acadia Island.  Given that I am wearing shorts, it may very well have been the height of summer.  My companion in jeans never wore shorts.

//interesting sidebar- he & our other brother once got reprimanded for showing up for a hike wearing jeans & not "appropriate hiking shorts".  My mother, who dropped them off, also got chewed on for this "parental oversight".  If memory serves, the rest of the troop got poison ivy. 

The 52 Photos Project prompt this week is An Old Photo, which this mostly is (like I said, it is a slide).  It is a bit damaged as you can see, but the colors are as bright as they were the very day. 

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