Friday, July 10, 2009

Are zombies the new black?

Much of the Austen worshiping world is all a-flutter over the new book: Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. I confess I read the whole d*mn thing & it is just what it claims to be: Pride & Prejudice more or less in its entirely with extra zombies. There are also some ninjas, so be prepared.

C****** works at the library (which I believe I have mentioned) & maybe a year ago, maybe more she told me about an after-hours event/picnic/whatever where the talk wandered up on the latest romance genre: supernatural beings. Imagine Fabio only darker, inside & out. Because she works in processing, she has a pretty good idea what is new to the shelves & she was talking about cart after cart of paranormal bodice-rippers. & then came one of those questions Carrie Bradshaw never asked: is anyone interested in having sex with humans anymore?

Lets face it, teenage boys have been imagining sex with unreal beings for decades . You did not think those pictures in playboy were real did you? I had roommates that posed for playboy; I saw them naked more often than I would care to say & well there is a lot of airbrushing that goes into that magazine. & then there is that bit of folklore (that might actually be true) that american tv kept airing 'magic' women (Jeannie & Samantha come to mind) because who could possibly be interested in a tv-show about a normal one? I know I'm not.

I doubt this love affair with the undead is all that new actually. They are certainly very popular right now & were with...the Victorians. But in between, I think you could make a solid argument for James Bond being not among the living. Think about it, it makes sense; who else is so hard to kill except for a guy that is already dead.

& I am not sure where I am going with this. I have been reading the Betsy Queen of the Damned books: very foolishly funny & very Carrie Bradshaw, although I have managed to avoid Twilight completely. I am proud of this in the same way I am proud of never having seen a Rocky movie. No really, impressive, huh!

But I digress: I have been unable to avoid all the other-world characters in every film, book & tv-show & I guess it has been on my mind. Now that I think about it though, I think the undead might be the original black. & they are not back, they never went way.

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  1. This is a genre I haven't explored.

    I bargained one Rocky movie for two chick flicks through the years. One Rambo movie for three and yes, i've seen them all.