Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Solve for X: X(3x3)=X(2x2)

I have posted before about the small on-line quilt block swap I run, maybe ten maybe twenty participates any given swap. About half the participants are local & another half know me but do not live nearby & the third half joined through a Facebook Group.

Everyone gets the same written directions & anyone local can hear them as well. If anything this is a disadvantage; I am not so clear spoken as you might think. Also, I talk with my hands which makes directions via telephone double-challenging. But all the confusions seem to be coming from the FB group: the group who gets the directions in writing (did I mention I used to write instruction manuals? & got paid for it? actually got good reviews for them?). The April swap was for a 4-patch; the previous completed swap was for a 9-patch. Of the eleven FB participants four of them sent the wrong block.

The funny thing about the wrong blocks is that with one exception (which I really think just got mailed too late), all the wrong blocks were actually morphs of more than one swap. The options were blue&yellow 9-patch, followed by tone-on-tone 4-patch. I got blue&yellow 4-patches & tone-on-tone 9-patches. I am genuinely at a loss.

I have decided to rearrange my planning so that no two alike blocks are ever scheduled back-to-back. & this seems to have worked. The third swap was an on-point basket of any kind. It did not matter if they were tone-on-tone, blue&yellow or whatever so long as they were vaguely discernible as baskets (& to be fair, mine was the vaguest of all). & every block that arrived was what it should be.

The next block is almost abstract: a center square that can be pieced or appliqued or not with a border or borders to bring it up to size. The idea is that it should be appropriate for a kids quilt, but that could mean anything.

//let me get out ahead of everyone who is looking at the equation & deciding there really is a whole number answer. You do not need to message me, I know what it is.

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