Thursday, July 2, 2009

This time of year when I think about this time last year

This blog is one year old tomorrow. If I felt like flipping back to the 'published' page (I do not) I would tell you how many that is. I know it is more than 100.

This year, contrary to my predictions the rainy season has come early & steamy. I actually never said it would not be hot, I just said it would be dry. Well, it turns out you cannot predict the weather watching emus no matter what Laura Ingalls Wilder says. Although I think she used bees.

This is why I am hoping that this year I will get my July 4th wish. I hope it rains. I hope it rains all week-end. I hope the rain that started yesterday keeps going for five more days. & I hope that I can have a fireworks-free sleep after a drunk-driver-free afternoon. & I hope everyone else gets that, too. That's right I am forcing my crazy liberal wishes on all of you.

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  1. LOL... i do too. bring it on. I had to laught (sorry) at the UPS post. They're all like that. Not just UPS.
    but mostly wanted to say i secretly wished it would rain all weekend too. It didn't. But it did rain enough right before sunset that most of the idiots got really lucky and didn't burn anything down as it was saturated.