Sunday, July 12, 2009

My gateway drug of choice

I said it the other day & as I said it I realized it was true: I was never much of a pot smoker, but I am glad I had not discovered the joys of watching chickens on an infrequently stoned afternoon because, well, that would have been it for me.

I do not succumb to physical addictions generally. Unless an inability to do any housekeeping counts as an addiction (except laundry, I like of doing laundry; I even like to iron). & the appeal of pot has long been a mystery to me. I have a very short attention span & even stoned I require constant entertainment. I really truly cannot sit there & watch the walls while basking in the intricacies of the musical stylings of .... whoever. I had a roommate who swore I never had hangovers but that just is not true. My problem was sticking with the hangover. Sure I felt green & dizzy but I would get bored lying there being green & dizzy. Besides my feeling on sick days has always been why waste a perfectly good sick day being sick? If you feel like crap, go to the office feeling like crap & kill two birds...

Birds! That's right this was supposed to be about chickens. I love chickens. I especially love watching them, just zoning out & watching them be all chicken-y. Also when they are happy they make this satisfied noise & fluff their feathers. Chickens. H ave I said how much I like to watch them?

//yesterday A was helping put up some wire patches in the henhouse (by helping I mean he was doing it & I was watching). The birds were milling around him in a bit of a fluff because there was a man in their henhouse & the June babies were out with the old birds for the first time ever. & then, one of the birds said, I swear to G*d, "uh-oh". We both laughed.

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  1. I'm bored with summer reruns, the news channels are even duller. Looks like chickens should be a great entertainment value. Plus great fertilizer.