Saturday, July 18, 2009

No nay never no nay never no more

The heart wants what the heart wants. Or so I am told. Whenever anyone is looking for an excuse to do whatever the hell they want in the name of love. I do not not believe this to be true, I just do not think narcissism & greed count as love. Think about it: by the other standard every drunk is the most loving person on earth. I promise you they are not.

The pursuit of what the heart wants is often a strange winding road. If you have any poetry in your soul at all, you can take a step back & remember it unfolding before your own eyes. Last week my farrier was here trimming Becca & CoCo (she got Bert & Tiki last time). Funny thing about my farrier: she is allergic to horses. She rides most weekends in winter & many evenings in summer but when her skin makes contact with a horse, she gets "all itchy".

I myself am allergic to stinging insect in general & bees more particularly. I long for a hive of my own. & if the IFAS extension that deals with beekeeping survives the shake up, I hope to have one set-up by the end of next year.

Finally, we have a dog who is actually allergic to fleas (I know, how could she survive & yet she is 14 years old). She also has bad back; parts of her spine have fused together. & what she wants most of all is to scratch that spot the fleas get to right at her tail. A couple times a year she hurts herself badly, scrunched around in this position. This last time we thought we might be putting her to sleep she was so obviously wracked with pain. But she wanted to live to scratch again.

I could not say what anyone else's heart wants but every happy person I know wants what will be hard. The easy thing is rarely worth having. & where is that line between what is reasonable, what is madness & is life better too far from it?

///funny thing about this song. Every Irish band on YOUTUBE covers it but the song itself is almost certainly Australian. When I hold Coco's head, I usually put my cheek to hers & sing quietly (Which makes V** laugh & say "I can still hear you"). Wild Rover is one of them of course, but her favorite seems to be Young Brennan on the Moor. No really.

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