Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stars malign

One day earlier this month my horoscope more or less told me to go back to bed (what it actually said was any new endeavor undertaken that day would not be successful). The funny thing is it was a very stoopid day. Among other things I undercut a straight edge binding by less than 1/2 an inch. The result is the same as if I had undercut by twelve feet but somehow I felt it more. I also poured a cup of semi-hot coffee into a plastic-bag-lined garbage can instead of the sink & the very full jar of little snips of fabric & thread I collect when I sew into the sink instead of the compost jug.

I wonder if the day would have been so annoying if I had not read my horoscope. Or do I actually do roughly the same absentminded things everyday but this day they registered? A famous critic says (said, I am sure he is dead; all famous critics are dead right?)... Let me start again, I heard once that all art is about context. One piece may look the same as another but it is separated by context: the period of the painting, the period of the painter. the period of the viewer.

I do not think this is hogwash exactly so much as not germane. My experience of any piece of art on any given day is my own experience; the only context that matters is mine. You can see how it can be hard to sell me art, as my own context is often covered in dog hair & nothing that will be covered in dog hair should cost very much.

Not surprisingly I have a limited patience for ART that just hang around. A well crafted bowl, excellent. A quilt, well you know how I feel about that. Even a picture of a place I have been or a person I know &/or admire, wonderful. But all the so-called art in YOUR house is complete crap.

This perspective ties very nicely with all the qualities of my star sign. Apparently we are belligerent blow-hards. & a bit primitive technologically. Anyone who reads this blog knows I have only a semi-serious relationship with spell-check so maybe there is something to it.

A, on the other hand, is at the opposite end of the horoscope & according to reports is dreamy & ethereal requiring a strong sign (MINE!) to get through the day. Now that I know that, I am pretty sure I pour something somewhere wrong once a week or so.

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