Wednesday, August 26, 2009

National Dog Day

Today is National Dog Day. Of course, where I live every day is Dog Day & I mean that in a good way. I admit it is one of those 'days' I would not have really noticed except of course for the people who remain persuaded that they can convince the Eagles to sack Michael Vick. Many sites that have a "tell the eagles what you think" link have a National Dog Day notice.

It occurred to me that if I am telling sponsors of the Philadelphia Eagles I will no longer be using their products (I am not going to miss Taco Bell at all but we have already said good-bye to Geico, & it turns out Pepsi is responsible for several of my favorite beverages. Oh Well, & so forth, water is better for me anyhow), I should make an extra effort to support sponsors of National Dog Day. So here goes:

Cotton: Oh. My. G*d. Cotton is one of my favorite things! It makes for difficult knitting (sorry cotton) but the most beautiful quilts. Today I vow to purchase several pieces of cotton & several more every week for the rest of the year. Maybe even for the rest of my life.

Dyson: What can I say, I love my Dyson. When our pre-Dyson died & we were shopping for a new vacuum, the salesman estimated that people use 10-12 vacuum bags a year. I laughed so hard I almost choked; we used to use 8+ a month. I would buy another Dyson because of their Dog Day support but...I do not need to! This vacuum is so good it has lived in our 5-dog-house on a dirt road for several years & is showing no sign of feeling the pain.

Crayola: Is there anything better than a box of crayons?!? There may be some bad things about Crayola crayons, but I do not know what they are. I even know that a two year old can eat a substantial amount of them & pass them with no apparent harm. What other toy can do that? I am absolutely going out & buying several boxes of Crayola crayons & then putting them in the school supplies drive box at the library.

There are other sponsors but I do not know much about them, except they keep excellent company.

I do not know how you will be observing National Dog Day, but I will be buying crayons, vacuuming & then maybe a bit of quilting. & of course I will do all of this while being followed around by my dogs. Oh, yeah, I also plan to send another letter (another day, another letter) to another corporate sponsor of the Philadelphia Eagles.

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