Friday, August 7, 2009

Symbionese Liberation Quilt Guild

I used to be a member of one of the local quilt guilds, a very active member. Things changed, some burn out/some bitch out & I left the guild in the ball-park of ?two? years ago. But somehow I cannot get off their radar. Things (e-mails, phone calls) had finally started to quiet down & then I was suddenly being contacted about the every-other-year quilt show.

Previously I had been on the committee to blah-blah-blah but I certainly was not this go-round. But via these message I learned it had been somehow understood that I had agreed to help with this same committee again this year. I had not. When I was approached abut helping my exact words were "I am going to decline". In part because I reasoned it might be confusing if I did this but did not want to rejoin the guild. I actually stated this because, well I did not want to rejoin the guild.

Before you think poor poor pitiful Useless biotching about being popular, let me clarify: all the calls I got up to & including the quilt show ones were complaints. Every d*mn one. The e-mails were mostly questions about the logistics of blah-blah-blah, which of course I did not have. So I ignored them. & one person actually called to complain about that.

That was April. The show was the first week of May. I did not go; I had planned to go but was so turned off on so many people I decided it was not worth the effort of rearranging my time to be there when A could go with me. But when six weeks went by & there were no more messages, I began to think it might be safe to appear locally in a semi-quilty capacity. I was wrong. At the end of July I got a letter telling me an anonymous person (or persons) had PAID MY GUILD DUES & now I was a member of the quilt guild again.

I was irked. Quite irked. I showed the letter to A (while visibly huffing, me not him). He thought it was very funny. His exact words were "Don't they KNOW you are Irish?" & then he said something along the lines of maybe this was their way of guaranteeing I never went back. I do not know what my being Irish has to do with anything, but I have heard him tell people this is why he will not keep a gun in the house. I do not think I should take this crap from a Romanian, but I digress.

The short version is I handled it & I think I am out. I refrained from sending any messages that began "F*uck You, You F*cking F*cktards", which is how I usually address disparaging correspondence. Since the person I contacted was 1)a friend of mine -yes I still have friends & 2)almost certainly not the person who thought this would be a good idea, cussing her out did seem excessive. Completely over the top, even. This is the same reason I have abandoned my plan to find out who did this & make a sizable donation to the charity not-of-her-choice in her name.

As I reread this, I think I might know what A means by "Irish".


  1. it was me! no, not really. but i am shocked (and semi-amused) that someone did this.

  2. It wasn't me either, but I am totally amused that someone would do this.

    Now I know why I remain on the fringes of the local quilting world.