Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Save the liver

Last Saturday, we went to see Julie & Julia & it was hands down the best movie I have seen in a long long time. When I said it, A said he thought it was the best movie he had seen in a long time, too. Loved that movie.

Which is funny because I have tried twice (& have it on hold at the library again) to read the book & it just does not seem to click with me. This is how books get read in my house, by me: they sit in a pile on the kitchen table & I sift through them. I pick one up &./or put one down almost every time I pass the table. I read when I am waiting on hold, I read when I vacuum, I read when I watch tv & sometimes I even read when I am reading. Occasionally, when I am having trouble getting into a book I flip to the middle or so & start reading from there. This actually helps. It worked with The Lovely Bones (also soon to be out in theaters YAY). It helped with the Eyre Affair (yes bookclubbers that one took two tries). I read maybe ten pages & then went back to the beginning.

It did not work with The Life & Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, or frankly anything by Gregory Maguire, who is in good company as I cannot cope with Dickens, think F. Scott Fitzgerald is overrated & do not get me started on the G*d Damned Fish Book.

Ah well, while I wait for the book to come to me via my local library reserve system, I will enjoy my favorite other channeling of Julia Child right here.

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