Thursday, August 20, 2009

So easy even a dog killer can do it: The Reply

This is what I sent to Geico via their contact web-page:

So easy even a dog killer can do it-

I was very disappointed to learn that Geico is a corporate supporter of the Philadelphia Eagles; we have been faithful Geico customers for well over ten years.

While I realize the decision to restore Michael Vick to the NFL was not a Geico decision there is no question that by remaining a sponsor of the team that signed him, Geico endorses this decision.

I have not yet begun the process of changing our insurance carrier because I think after ten years Geico deserves the opportunity to redress this mistake however I will not remain with a company that supports dog killing for 'sport'.

this is the reply I got:

If you are a policyholder, we thank you for being with GEICO.

GEICO runs advertising spots during many athletic events broadcast throughout the country because we attempt to reach large audiences with our message of excellent coverage, price and service.

As a company and as an advertiser, we do not take positions on the issues that arise among teams or among players.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

GEICO Corporate Communications

In less than 20 minutes I had a quote from a Geico competitor that was $22 a year cheaper. Not usually enough to make me go thru the hassle of changing insurance carriers, but I think it will be worth it this time.

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