Thursday, August 8, 2013

52 Photos Project: Childhood Games

When I saw 52 Photos Project theme for this week, Childhood Games, I pictured (as I am sure so many former children of a particular age did) the iconic game closet.  But the fact is I don't have a game closet anymore.  I don't know anyone who does.  We have a game drawer now with Trivial Pursuit, Barrel of Monkeys, Pit, Rummikub, Sequence & that's about it.

So I decided to flip back thru some old pictures to see if I could find a cache of board games.  What I found was this:  I am not the photographer, I am the subject.

& this really was my favorite child hood game- being holed up somewhere, reading.  I have no idea which Nancy Drew this was (I read them ALL...well all that were available at the time), but I like to imagine it is The Secret of the Old Clock.  Because this was the first book our bookclub read together.
Before you decide this is completely goofy, think about it.  When american women are interviewed (meaning they have done something someone considerers interview-worthy), they often name Nancy Drew as their first literary role model (take THAT Elizabeth Bennet...but don't take it too hard, we love you next).  I can remember thinking who needs Batman, Spiderman, Superman & all their crap; Nancy has way more happening than any drug-dependent superhero.  Wardrobe to die for:  check, cool car: check, amazing powers of sleuthing & keeping the weight off from having dessert with lunch:  double check.  Also, she doesn't try to hide who she is, she isn't all melancholy hanging out in her mansion, she spends time with her friends, loves her family & treats her boyfriend like a favored dogsbody
& let's have that be the word for today:  dogsbody.  Because everyone needs one. I know I do.


  1. love to read, too, when i was a child, and Nancy Drew books belong to my favorites! :D

    that's a lovely pic. you looked like you are enjoying so much while reading the book.

    i had recently joined the project and my take is here.

  2. Great picture of you and your book you look so warm and cosy all wrapped up in the blankets.

  3. Nancy Drew is alive and well. A favorite of my 3rd grade granddaughter.

  4. What a great photo! I always loved to read in bed too!

  5. Reading has always been my favorite past-time even as a child and I loved Nancy Drew. A friend recently found an old Nancy Drew book at a garage sale or something and gave it to me, LOVE it. This is a great capture and I think its a perfect submission for this week's prompt