Wednesday, August 28, 2013

52 Photos Project: On the Line

On the line can mean a lot of things.  I grew up in the north east where public transport is much more viable.  Being able to dig & put stuff underground helps.  So does a mindset that doesn't view every public project as an opportunity to line someone's pockets.  Seriously, anyone who doesn't understand the willingness to go to hell with the sequester should spend a little time at a below-the-Mason-Dixon small town meeting.  There is always SOMEONE convinced that someone else is making more than his share of cash off of, well, anything. Here, we go through regular gyrations about how much should be spent on a public library system that really is one of the best & most utilized in the country.  My favorite council meeting mini-series was the guy who ranted every time the garbage pick up rates were reapproved.  Prepare to be shocked, but it costs money to haul garbage.  Believe it or not those guys working in Fladidah heat, driving a heavy stinky truck are not volunteers.  Also & I'm not sure whathisname noticed but gas prices are higher & higher.  One iteration, the council was so fed up they extended the deadline so he would have time to submit a bid hoping that would shut him up, but he was back, bidless & bitching at the next meeting. 

I digress.

On the line used to mean, to me anyhow, that someone was pretty close to a stop.  A tube stop or a bus stop or whatever.  Then it became all tangled with deadline & "your job is on the line".  Life or death type stuff, or at least livelihood or termination.

Nowadays, on the line is something I am mostly interested in not being; outside the lines is so much more fun.   In the case of this week's photo, in the lines was not really an option as I so completely left the directions behind I had to stitch in my own lines.


  1. Like your comments, like your quilt. Very good.

  2. What?!!? I cannot BELIEVE that the guy driving the stinky truck isn't doing that from the goodness of his own heart! LOL

    Love those bird blocks! I think you done real gud with no lines!

  3. outside the line IS so much more fun!!! nice shot!!

  4. And stitching your own lines is probably so much better! Love your rant on town meetings. =)

  5. Outside the lines = YES! I love your submission! Thank you for sharing.