Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Knot Garden nudge

The August Knot Garden swap is in full swing.  Blocks have started arriving here arrived while I was away last month, even).  We have a 6th block person whose group makes quilts for disaster relief & these will go on the hopper.

So I thought I would do a nudge for the Knot Garden block with more complete directions (I'm getting questions).

You will need three fabrics: 

One of them needs to be green.  It does not have to read-as-solid, it does not even have to be just green, but when you look at it, you should be able to honestly say it is more green than anything else.  For each Knot Garden block, you will need two (2) 3.5" squares of this green fabric.

Your two other fabrics should be garden-y.  Florals are good, leaves, trees, etc.  Birds are good too or other things you might find in a garden.  One of these should be a large scale print & one a small scale print, keeping in mind these things are relative (there is at least one block in the pile with a VERY large scale print, so the companion smaller scale print might be a larger scale than other large scale prints in other blocks).  If you are unable to locate a large & small scale floral/nature/garden print in your stash, it is OKay to use a small dot or such-like or a read-as-solid for your small scale.  Please do make an effort to avoid prints that are not "garden" or "floral" or at least "nature" in their theme.  A small all-over print of taxicabs, while very cute would not be appropriate.  You will need two (2) strips of each of these measuring 2" wide & a minimum of  8" long to make a single block. 

Of one of your garden fabrics, either the large scale or the small scale print you will need two (2) more 2" squares.

Stitch the strips together on a long edge, press to one side or the other or open as you wish & then cut that unit into 2" strips.  You can use these strips to make the 3.5" 4-patches that comprise half of the block.

Back to the 3.5" green-greenish squares.  You will take your extra 2" squares, one (1) for each green square & put them right sides together, so the smaller square covers a corner of the large square.  Stitch from one corner of the smaller square to the other so that when folded on the stitching line the square becomes a small triangle covering the corner.  I promise writing & then reading it makes it more complicated than it is.  You can see a picture of this in the original Knot Garden post, or the whole shebang below.

As always we swap in sets of five (5), what is here on the last SAT of August swaps.  If you are interested or need more information you can add a comment here or join the Quilt Block Swap group on Facebook.  

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