Saturday, August 17, 2013

52 Photos Project: Unusual & Uncommon, something you don't see every day

The "Unusual & Uncommon, something you don't see every day" title this week was outside of my usual photographic subject; most of my pictures (& my blog posts & my reasons for living) are usual & common.  I think the usual & common are fantastic & worth my time.  I find people on a constant search for something new a little bit....well.  Let's just say I don't understand that life.

As a result anything unusual or uncommon I come across is likely to be a complete accident.  OR whatever it is becomes usual & common PDQ.  I don't really understand the fascination with freakishness.  I truly believe that if you stuck me (or you) at a party with almost anyone (yes, including Hitler, Jesus et al), we would all have more in common than we had less in common. 

For example, I am going to guess Jesus had a lot of callouses on his feet; I too have very calloused feet (seriously, they are like horns).  Anyone who has feet like this can tell you that having feet like this makes some choices for you.  Like whether or not you can wear stiff shoes.  I become Agador Spartacus when I wear that kind of shoes.  They do indeed make me fall down.  I bet Jesus would, too.

Now Hitler:  Okay, chances are excellent Hitler would not have talked to me, but that is his choice not mine.  If he weren't such a snob, we could talk about beekeeping as I understand his father was interested in beekeeping & so am I.  We could also talk about fathers who are jerks, as mine is quite the a--hole but of strictly amateur standing, unlike his who clearly was competing on an international level.  So he could win that conversation (Hitler strikes me as the kind of guy who likes to win conversations) which I am sure would make him happy.

See how that works?  It left me puzzling for a long time about something unusual & uncommon that I could photograph.  Then when I saw it, it was obvious.  Pretty much everyone who has ever seen it remarks on it: neighbors, the people selling god door-to-door, the guys who do our tree work, etc.  We don't think much of it because she does it all day every day' year in & year out, but it is something they don't see every day.  So here it is - our black cat Bianca, sleeping in the chimney:

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