Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bird trap gone

So.  It is finished & off to Quiltfest 2013 in Jacksonville, FL.  It is hard to think of something to say that I haven't already said:
  • the swap that inspired this quilt doesn't close until Hallowe'en & then the blocks are due the last SAT in November 2013.  You can get the details here or even better in the Facebook Quilt Block Swap group.
  • I made way more blocks than I need for the swap.  Enough for this quilt...& another top I have already started working on.  In my defense...I have no defense, I just like this block.  Or rather the guidelines that go into it as there is no exact "block".
  • I don't think it hangs straight.  I thought I had squared it up...mostly, but after I washed it, it got MORE crooked.  I didn't know that could happen.

Oh, here is something new!  The Quiltfest JAX form was a bit of a challenge.  I could not decide "pieced quilt" or "art quilt".  I polled several quilters & with one exception they all said pieced quilt.  Then I took a look in the past pieced quilt winners & decided art quilt was the way to go.  What can I say, those pieced quilts were so even & harmonious & regular.  I am fully aware the Bird Trap Quilt cannot compete; I truly have no expectations of accolades of any kind.  The competition is just as fierce over in Art Quilts.  I just thought this would be too disruptive in Pieced Quilts.  Also & I know this is no big deal, there is just the teeny-tiniest bit of embroidery.

The theme this year in JAX is "Quilting Thru the Ages".  Not through the ages but thru the ages.  So I don't feel so bad about entering my rip-off of an african-american quilt top that could have been made during the Civil War was but was actually made in the late 20th century

& the word du jour is ERSATZ


  1. Art quilt is the better choice. I will look for it on the Saturday of the show. I entered one in the President's Challenge category. Good luck!!!

    1. I don't need luck because I am never going to win a thing with this quilt. When you see it in person you will see why (crooked, lumpy,& all that good stuff). But it was more fun than I have had in a long time & despite the heavy use of pink my husband likes it!

      Break a needle to you for the President's Challenge! I look at the challenges every year, but I am way too intimidated to try them. I will look for yours, probably Friday.

  2. I love love love this quilt! As my daughter has taken to saying lately, it is "prettiful!"

    1. tough, Andrew wants it despite the P*I*N*K. In another month or so it will have dachshunds & a physicist napping under it.