Sunday, August 18, 2013

About big brothers

Let me begin by saying I have never watched an episode of "Big Brother".  I have never watched any of the not-suitable-for-prime-time videos that are available on-line either.  I could not tell you the name of a single "Big Brother" contestant on any incarnation of "Big Brother", past or present.  I am fairly confident that even if there should be a new season of "Big Brother" from now until the year after I die, this will always ring true (although I suppose it is possible one of them runs for office somewhere, then I will probably hear about it).

That being said: What The Hell Are Those People Smoking?  The last time I heard, not one, not two, but three contestants (on a how many contestant show-unless it is more than 30 we are looking at a 10% sample here) are looking forward to no job when they get out.  Actually, they are not looking forward to it as I understand they have zero contact with the outside world & don't know they have already been canned.

It turns out that if you isolate a bunch of people with other similar-minded people, you end up with a bunch of people who have, like water seeking its own level, sunk to the lowest common point.  I wonder if we could take a giant step back & maybe apply this to other groups of like-minded people who deliberately cut themselves off from everyone who is not-like & then start misbehaving.  Perhaps a group of people, who when caught behaving badly say things like: 

I made offhand remarks about killing that religious leader & cannot believe my entourage took me seriously.

So sorry we burned your mother, grand-mother, etc. as a witch.  We really thought she must be one because those teenage girls said so.

Of course we want jews to buy our cars, I just meant we want people who hate jews to buy them, too.

Couldn't we go back to the way it was before we picked that fight with you & got our asses handed to us on a plate?

& the immortal, unforgivable: Bring It On.

Maybe when you find too many people agreeing with you, it is time to take your opinions on the road.  Just a thought.

& for my final say on the matter, let me take you to the ONLY Big Brother worth looking for on YouTube

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