Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dogs will be dogs; owners will be shot

We thought we knew whose dog did this (the avian vet confirmed it was certainly an animal, & unless opossum or raccoons have started walking on their tiptoes (what would be required to deliver this strike), we are pretty sure it was a dog.  We even thought we had a good idea whose dogs, but yet another has been sited (& pelleted) while chasing a neighbors cats.  We are waiting for the owner to biotch about the pellet wounds so we can give them this vet bill....

Anyway, the picture below is bloody, but if you eat steak you should be able to handle it.  This happened Friday morning after we had unloaded a hay roll etc. (say by 9/9:15) & before I went out to check on the chickens (10/10:30).  We kept her stalled until Monday 4:30 when her mate broke her out.  He has been taking care of her ever since, which is mostly a good thing it just makes it hard to be sure she gets the anti-biotic laden fruit.


  1. poor baby! (do the emus eventually become steak? never tried it but I think my evil stepmother had a freezer full of emu at one time...)

  2. It is very hard to look at this picture knowing the safe haven you have created for these displaced birds. I imagine Cleo's company will be comforting to her. How ARE you getting the antibiotics into her??