Friday, March 26, 2010

What would Leonard do?

I was cruising one of my favorite blogs a few months ago & came across a WW?D that never entered my head:  What Would Spock Do?  Well, what would he do?  Setting aside Spock is in fact a fictional character.. & then I had trouble setting that aside because Spock is not just fictional, he is a complete stick.

So today, on his birthday (& mine, go me!) I am asking that almost as silly question:  What Would Leonard Do?

I know a lot & next to nothing about Leonard Nimoy, all at the same time.  First of all he is several million years old.  Or not.  I listen every year on NPR when he hosts music of the High Holidays, although they might just be rerunning the same show, I cannot be sure.  I googled  ["Leonard Nimoy" NPR] to find a link to that annual program & got a whole lot more than I was expecting.

I guess I do not know what Leonard would do.  Whatever he wants too, without damaging the time space continuum, of course.  Or maybe he has & this is an alternate Nimoy, getting all this random stuff on the record. No wait, that's Rimmer à la Red Dwarf.

//it was hard to know how to tag this.  TV of course, but what about music?  Can you call what Leonard Nimoy sings music, exactly?  Does orchestra narration count?  Movies is a tag-option, but then again when I think Nimoy I do no immediately think of the Star Trek movies (& cannot name a single one he has directed, although he has).  Besides his best movie is Galaxy Quest, which he is not even in, except as played by Alan Rickman.

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