Saturday, March 6, 2010

View it in a room

Some one told me, "you have too many blogs in your blog rolls".  Hmmm.  Really?  Can B actresses watch too many movies?  Does anyone trust a skinny cook?

So in lieu of writing an actual post I thought I would take you on an occasional tour of some of my favorites.  First stop:  Regretsy.  If you do not know what Etsy is, well I am not sure where you go to buy all that handmade stuff they won't let people sell on eBay but Etsy will save you all that driving.  There is good stuff there, too.  Lots of it actually, but it only takes one roadkill painting collection to tarnish the whole apple barrel. 

My favorite regretsy is, of course, Calamari Full of Grace.  I have it bookmarked so when I feel sad I can look at it.  When I am really sad, I view it in a room.  It never fails to lift my spirits.

Of course, I am more than fond of anything church-but-not-church & I was hypnotized by the PBS program on cuttlefish.  This particular regretsy may not be for you.  That's not a problem, you will find something I promise.

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