Monday, March 1, 2010

More floral lanes

The February block swap has closed & the April 2010 block is up & running.  The block, if you recall, is Sunny Lanes & the swap requirement is a floral fabric must be used at least once & preferably more.  There had been requests for a "goes together to make a pattern" type of block, like split-9 patch or Jacobs Ladder.  I choose this one because it was NOT a 9 patch & I just had not seen much if any of it around.  It just might be my new favorite scrap-user-upper.

The block alone is Okay, but in combination with itself, it is something else:

If you are not part of the swap & would like to be, go to Facebook & search Quilt Block Swap & ask to join.  Or go here.  If you just want to use up your own scraps & make yourself one of these, the directions are here.  What you see above is two rows of three blocks.  Four rows of three blocks would make a lap or crib quilt.  Add more blocks, add borders & it would not be much before you had a good sized grown-up quilt.

One extra thing about this block that already does so much quilting heavy lifting:  every man who has seen it likes it.  Keep in mind, all my blocks are from foofy fabrics.  Still there is something about the big graphic made from small pieces that does not send testosterone into retreat.

& yes that is not-Thurber in the corner there.  He is helping.  Or at least not actually not helping.

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