Monday, March 15, 2010

Riled raptors react rapidly

The emus have had it.  Long, cold wintery days (this is Fladidah, damn it), dog attacks & today was the last straw.  The contractor hired by the power line people to trim branches arrived bright & early with no notice whatsoever & needed access to the back pasture.  In the past they have gone down the neighbors driveway, as the power line actually runs along this fence line.  On our side, there are intersecting fences making the whole process much more of an ordeal. 

This morning, though, there were a number of reasons they had to cut limbs from our side & unfortunately the back gate was too narrow.  So for several hours today Antonelle ran herself ragged trying to get away from the loud grinding noises of tree limbs being cut & falling & chipped.  She scraped her neck sticking her head through the rails of the fence & pacing, pacing, pacing.  By noon, I was exhausted just watching her.

My problem right this minute is I cannot tell if I am aggravated because of all the other aggravating stuff that has happened this month or am I aggravated because they could not pick up the phone last Friday, last night & let us know they would be here & we could have dealt with the 'big chickens' (their words) before they got here.  I suspect it is a combination of both, although I have noticed a strangely cavalier attitude towards schedules south of the Mason Dixon that would get a person laughed out of business just north of it.  So maybe on top of everything else, this is just another outlander problem.

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