Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fat man all in red

Today is the first full day of Spring...& it is 60F & rainy.  Which is just fine with me.  Most of the week & thru yesterday it was bright & warming & we saw a lot of my favorite harbinger of Spring:  a fat man all in red.  No, not him!  Does it help if I tell you he hangs out where it is all pink?  No, it is not gay pride week (I think that is in April, actually.  Maybe it will time nicely with the mayoral run-off.  Or is Gay Pride Week in August?  Those A months always scramble me).

I am talking about this guy here.  He always means spring to me.


  1. That is funny, cuz those particular fat guys in red mean winter to me. Such a stark contrast to the snowy landscape.

  2. It is not him appearing so much as his making a PIG of himself on the redbud.