Wednesday, January 29, 2014

52 Photos Project: All Dressed Up

Yes, I am one of those people.  It started when I went to visit my parents.  They live in CT & I brought my short-haired little dog who had always lived in Fladidah.  So I brought a sweater & she loved it.  She would beg to have it put on.  OKay I actually brought two sweaters, even that first time; I had sense enough to know they would get dirty or wet & need to be changed out.

My parents would put the sweater-not-being worn on the rack in their oven.  We (me & the dog) would come in, I would take off the wet sweater & put the warm sweater on her & she happily adjusted to being a sweater wearing dog.

Then came Hallowe'en.  I started with a little witches hat.  Then over the winter holidays I added in some jingle bell collars (with ankle bells, too) & an elf hat....and a reindeer hat. 

Nowadays they are all too often all dressed up.  I think maybe I have a problem. 

These two lovely geisha are usually very good about posing, but I think one of the adornments on her wig was tickling Lilly's ear.  Good thing Lola was there to check it out.


  1. I also dress my two pups in clothes. I have a Chiwinnie who gets cold quickly and she now owns two sweaters and a pull over hoodie and she likes to wear them. Your two pups are very charming although the darker one blends in very well.