Wednesday, January 15, 2014

52 Photos Project: Wide Open Spaces

This week at 52 Photos Project the prompt is Wide Open Spaces.  This is apparently not the first time Wide Open Spaces has been the theme.  while I am not exactly struggling with this one, I am not fully engaged either.  My life is a series of wide open spaces:  the view from the back gate across the pasture, the view from A's office across a vast parking lot, the view from the mezzanine at the library across a goodly mix of citizens from students to homeless & back again. 

So.  I have been bumbling around trying to think of a VISTA that I have not yet photographed.  & then it occurred to me "wide open spaces" is a matter of perspective. 

This chickadee is a regular at our feeder.  Probably.  They all look very much alike to me & we have quite a population.  They are especially fond of the millet mix I put in this tube feeder.  They fly in one end, eat their way thru & then zoom back out the other side.  I was taking pictures of that procedure & they didn't look like much (blurry little mounds inside a translucent tube).  Then this one stopped to watch me.