Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tea Towel Challenge towel choice revisited

I know I said the choice was made but I was wrong.  I love that dachshund towel.  I love it so much I don't think I want to live without it in my kitchen, not even long enough to make a quilt of it.  Also -& I don't know how I missed this- it is bordered in rick-rack which I kind of LOVE & don't want to rip off.

So a new choice for the Tea Towel Challenge has been made.  No one who knows me will be surprised that it is all about birds. 

The good news is I had (still have) plenty of fabric that matched the dachshunds so I had not yet bought anything new.  Even better news I have almost nothing in the owl tea towel palette so a trip to the fabric store is definitely on the horizon!  In the meantime, I pulled some from the stash, just for preview's sake.

I really truly am not going to change my mind again.  I don't think.  So.  This is it:  the towel, the sort of dominating fabric that I have kind-of-almost settled on.  & now I am drafting different owls.  More on that next time, or not if I change my mind again. Which is not going to happen. Probably not.


  1. LOL! Love the owl towel! Which one is the sort of dominating fabric that you have kind-of-almost settled on?

  2. luv the owls-that was one that I had considered as well!
    I really love that check fabric really lovely with the colors or the TT.

    It is our perogative to change our mind after all , so I often do it!!