Saturday, January 4, 2014

Tea Towel Challenge towel chosen

I decided to join this year's Tea Towel Challenge because I have a surfeit of cotton kitchen towels.   Then I used the excuse of the TTC to acquire more towels.  This is how it went:

My original plan was to use a 2014 calendar towel I found late last year, but the more I thought about how long it would take me & how much I would rather just have the towel for the whole year, the more I thought I should keep looking. 

& keep looking I did.  I went through my cache of towels.  I have more than I realized but most of them are solid colors (& most of those are white).  If i ever go in for embroidering tea towels I am all set. 

There are others I set aside....for a bit, mostly souvenirs from places I have never been including one fantastic "Sheep of Great Britain" (I think) towel that the people who used to live in this house left behind in a drawer. 

I also looked on-line & found all kinds of towels that I liked (including a real-life-sized scrabble board, natural I ordered two & sent one to my mother) & a gardeners schedule towel (also got one for mom) that I would have used but it was linen & I didn't want to deal with linen.  Also it is a coarser weave, which I REALLY didn't want to deal with.

Then I found it.  The perfect tea towel.  Perfect for me anyhow because it has dachshunds.  I know this picture is shabby, but I wanted to get it in the wash so I could get started right away.  & by right away I mean maybe next week.

By no small coincidence (& by that I mean no coincidence at all), it is in a muted color scheme that I love.  I already have plenty of fabric for this, which does not man I won't take my new tea towel out for a drive just to see if anything else matches better.  After all, it would be a waste not to use that little polka-dot banner at the bottom to do some matching, right?

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  1. So cool! I love those dachshunds, the subdued colors and the polka dot border. I think you'll have a lot of design possibilities.