Thursday, January 2, 2014

52 Photos Project: One photo from the 1st day of 2014

This week's 52 Photos Project works nicely with my preferred photo....ethos?  Yep, ethos.  let's let that be the word for today ETHOS: shared fundamental traits. 

The assignment is one picture from yesterday, it being the first day of 2014.  & here is my first day picture.  I actually took three pictures of the same....subject, but this is the best one.

I bet you are wondering what kind of News Years Day we had: ever since we put in the new bigger water pump & tank our showers have been getting colder faster.  This is not recent, but it has recently gotten cold here & I want to take a hot-Hot-HOT shower.  So A said he would turn up the thermostat on the water heater.  Which meant he has to shut off the power to the water heater.  Which brings us to....

We had a our kitchen remodeled late 2012 & as a result of that there was some rewiring, codes having changed somewhat since the original wiring circa 1977.  We carried over the info from the old circuit breaker legend (also circa 1977 & pictured in that lovely photo to the right).  But it turns out it still wasn't quite right.  Specifically, some circuits had changed pre-kitchen remodel & not been recorded.  Some were always a bit strange (my sewing room, a handful of other outlets on the same side of the house & the exterior light by the front door are all on the same breaker). 

Just to make things a bit more exciting, it took us a little time to remember that on the original floor plan, my sewing room was the master bedroom (the room we use as a master bedroom was originally the worlds smallest bonus room that a previous owner carved up, creating the worlds smallest walk-in closet & a very small bathroom, but a small bathroom in which we can now have hot showers). 

In the end, I took the picture of the old moldy, damaged label & used the camera settings to highlight the notes & deemphasize the grime.  Then we flipped every switch & checked it, learning some new things we didn't know along the way.  During the kitchen remodel, we learned the range hood & the range in the kitchen was on the same circuit as the master bedroom closet.  Yesterday we learned that the range is on its own circuit (in compliance with current code), the microwave is now also on its own circuit & so forth. 

We found the water heater, turned it off, turned it up & turned it back on & now we have nice hot water.  Which was wonderful, because it was a chilly rainy day.  Last night while we were all happy & cozy, we discovered the roof is leaking.  Apparently 2014 is going to be the year of water. 

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